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A woman can have a powerful positive effect on a male athlete’s performance in his sport. The night before Team USA played Algeria in the World Cup, soccer star Landon Donovan had an “emotional phone call” with his estranged wife, actress Bianca Kajlich, winning back her heart and kick-starting their relationship. Donovan’s life was once again in harmony and it showed up in his performance in the game the following day when he scored the winning goal. Final score: Team USA 1, Algeria 0.


david-beckham-la-galaxy-4I honestly don’t know if David Beckham uses visualization or not, but I would be very surprised if he didn’t.

All the great athletes do. Since my website is constantly visited by so many soccer enthusiasts, many from foreign countries, I thought I would write something about how an athlete can best use visualization to enhance his or her performance. First, there is no right or wrong way to use visualization. Whatever you believe will work for you, will work. However, I’ve found that it is important to be unencumbered with psychological baggage before you begin the visualization process. If you have unresolved issues in your personal life you must first resolve those issues (or at least begin the process of resolving them) before you can use visualization effectively. Also, if you have a high sense of self-worth, if you are highly spiritual and if your life is in harmony, what you visualize will actually come to pass. And by the way, I don’t believe you “attract” what happens to you but rather actually “create” what happens to you.

I also recommend that, if you have the budget, you should produce a 3-4 minute highlight video of yourself, portions of it in slow motion, with a music soundtrack with meaningful lyrics. You would then watch your video over and over again, and then, just before game time (in the locker room) you would listen to just the soundtrack on an audio playback unit and if your life is in harmony, you should create the same images that appear on your highlight video on the soccer field. I call this “Image Transference.” But since many of you reading this probably do not have the resources to produce your own video, here is a recommended visualization script for you to follow, using a music track you select for yourself that has special meaning. Also, while visiting this website you might want to take the “Self-Esteem Survey” that appears (lower right of page) which will tell you where you are in your life at this moment in time and whether or not visualization will be an effective tool for you to use in your game. In preparation for visualization, I recommend that you dim the lights, be in a prone position, and listen to the music track you’ve selected.

Here now, is the script:

I invite you to sit comfortably in a chair, or on the floor, in an upright position, with your spine straight.  Now close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply . . . and begin to count down slowly from ten to one . . . relaxing more and more deeply with each count.  10 . . . 9. . . 8. . . feel yourself going deeper and deeper. . . into a quieter, more relaxed state of mind. . . 7. . .6. . . 5 . . . deeper and more relaxed. . . 4. . . 3 . . . 2. . . 1. . . you are now in a very deep, very calm state of mind.

Now see yourself in that special spot where you are completely at peace with yourself…where you are totally happy…it may be under an oak tree in the forest, or next to a stream in the woods, or floating in a boat on a lake…it’s a place you love to be because it’s so peaceful. And once you’re situated in that spot, then you see before you what appears to be a television screen…and as you watch that screen, you suddenly see yourself…you are on the screen…performing on the field. And see with you that one person who has always been your idol…you watch them play… you duplicate their style.. their every move is your move…you and they are one… excellent timing… excellent rhythm… you are in sync. And also see that individual you want to excel for… the one person who, throughout your life has been an inspiration for you… the one person who has stood by you through good times and tough times. You know there are many people who love you…who care about you… they are with you… they are for you.. (PAUSE). You are relaxed…you are calm. The referee blows the whistle… the game is on. You are running easily, freely… you feel the wind in your face… you are doing what you do best… running forward to support the ball… running back to mark your opponent. You are relaxed and calm. You see the ball… yet you see the whole field. You know what you will do with the ball before it comes to you. You know your assignments…on corner kicks… free kicks… offense… defense… you are totally prepared for this game. You are performing at your best… (PAUSE). And finally, the game is over… see yourself… tired, but happy…. you are sweating… there is a towel around your neck…everyone is patting you on the back… giving you high fives hugging you… congratulating you. See yourself enjoying the reward you promised yourself. . . you did it. . . you made it happen. . . you. . . are a winner (PAUSE) And now, take approximately 30-seconds to slowly open your eyes. Thirty Seconds.

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