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Those of you familiar with my Psycho Self-Imagery Principle know that when you are living a lie and your life is in disharmony, you will create negative events in your life. Such was the case with University of Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino. It’s a generally accepted theory that fame and wealth often act as aphrodisiacs and could well be the reason he was having an affair with a woman half his age.  But in addition, he “knowingly mislead” the university and engaged in reckless behavior which resulted in his being fired from a job that was going to pay him $24.92 million over the life of his seven-year contract.  And it’s not over yet.  More than likely his wife, who is also the mother of his four children, will divorce him.  And the twenty-five-year-old employee, Jessica Dorrell, who was riding on the back of his motorcycle when they crashed, was given $20,000 by Petrino and no one knows why.  One has to wonder what she doing on the back of that motorcycle in the first place since she is engaged to be married to Josh Morgan, director of operations for the Arkansas women’s swimming and diving team.  So I would look for some additional negative things happening in her life as well.  And next up, Roger Clemens.


In today’s New York Times there is an interesting article about the success that has been experienced by a number of international Olympic female athletes after each had given birth to a new baby. Their names are Tia Hellebaut, Anna Chicrora, Chante Howard, Fanny Blankers-Koen and Stefka Kostadinova. I believe their success is directly related to the births of their children since when their babies were born they became happier and their lives were suddenly in total harmony. It’s part of the Psycho Self-Imagery Process when athletes resolve conflict in their lives (or begin the process of resolving conflict), do not suppress their feelings, they bring their personal and team-related issues to completion, they are generally highly spiritual, they are helping others less fortunate than themselves and most importantly, their lives are in harmony. At that point they can then begin visualizing themselves being successful and actually create positive events in their lives, on and off the field of competition. But when they have conflict in their lives, when they are suppressing their feelings, when they have personal and team-related issues that haven’t brought to completion, when they are not helping others less fortunate than themselves and when their lives are in disharmony, they will create negative events in their lives, on and off the field of competition.  The five women mentioned above, from my perspective, are definitely leading lives that are in harmony which is why they are so successful at their sport.

A few years ago Oprah Winfrey visited Springfield, Missouri, where I live. Now, I am a big fan of hers and admire how she picked herself up by her bootstraps and was able to change her life. But while in Springfield, she told a crowd of mostly women who attended her public seminar they were created with a calling. She said: “The universe has a dream for you. And it’s always working to move you in the right direction.”

Oprah was right when she made this observation, but not completely right. Though the universe may have a dream for us, and is always working to move us in the right direction, we human beings keep messing it up. Some of us often follow paths that are self-destructive, such as doing drugs, lying, or being dishonest with our feelings. You can see this very clearly when individuals get into trouble for having used drugs, or violently abusing a spouse, or driving while drunk and killing an innocent bystander.

The universe is not always working to move people in the right direction, but rather, only those who have a positive sense of inner self as a result of either being reared in a family where they were loved by someone unconditionally, or in instances where they were willing to roll up their sleeves and take a good hard look at themselves (as Oprah did) and then began making course corrections in their lives. This often involves many years of work and even therapy. There is no such thing as a quick fix.

Oprah should make it clear to her fans that the universe is always working to move us in the right direction providing we don’t follow self-destructive paths in our personal lives. If we are, then we need to address those issues and resolve them (or at least begin the process of resolving them) before we can get back on track with the universe and have it work with and for us. Anyone following self-destructive behavior should not expect the universe to work in their favor. Which is the foundation of how I came to develop the Psycho Self-Imagery process.

The Psycho Self-Imagery process involves resolving conflict in your life, not suppressing feelings, having a high sense of self worth (your inner self), bringing personal issues to completion (or at least begin the process of bringing them to completion), being highly spiritual, helping others less fortunate than yourself and having your life in harmony. Then visualizing yourself being successful and actually creating positive events in your life.
But when you have conflict in your life, when you are suppressing your feelings, when you have personal issues that you haven’t brought to completion, when you have a low sense of self-worth (inner self), when you are not helping others less fortunate than yourself and when your life is in disharmony, you will create negative events in your life.

Though “there is no rule without exception,” (Hermann Hesse in Steppenwolf) over the years I’ve found there really is no such thing as good luck or bad luck. We create what happens to us in our lives. Those of us who were loved unconditionally, either as children or by someone special in our lives, grow to love ourselves. And this unconditional love is the foundation for success and happiness.

Roger Clemens is a good example of how the Psycho Self-Imagery process works. By way of background, I once read in the media that he often purposely threw at a batter’s head in order to intimidate him and thus affect his ability to hit a baseball. And since that time, I’ve never been a fan of his. Over the years, Roger has been his own worst enemy. When athletes have extra-marital affairs, when they are doing drugs, when they are dishonest and lie to a congressional committee, when they repress their feelings resulting in low feelings of self-worth, and when their lives are in disharmony, they will actually create negative events in their lives, on and off the field of competition. And Roger Clemens is the perfect example. Instead of heading for the Hall of Fame, he could be heading for prison.

Here’s a good example of the Psycho Self-Imagery principle. Until last March, 2011, the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade’s life was in turmoil. But then, something happened that would change his life and enhance his performance on the basketball court: a Cook County Judge awarded him full custody of his two boys, Zaire, 9, and Zion, 3, because his wife was battling drug and alcohol addiction. “I love the game of basketball and I respect the game of basketball for what it has done for me and my family,” Wade said, “but I understand what’s important, and my boys are the most important thing to me….it’s changed me, no doubt about it…it’s made me more patient and more calm.” This season, according to USA Today, Wade’s production is one reason the Heat are playing in the Eastern Conference finals against the Chicago Bulls. From my perspective, Dwyane Wade is a good example of someone who is experiencing the psi principle (Psycho Self-Imagery.) His life is definitely in harmony and my prediction is, based on Wade’s performance in the coming weeks, the Heat will win the NBA Championship.

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