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I’ve been going to Physical Therapists off and on for many years due to severe back surgery and have had to literally live with pain. Especially pain down my right leg. But a few months ago, a friend introduced me to a Physical Therapist who works here in Springfield, Missouri and after just the first session, much of the pain disappeared like magic. Susan Grimshaw has a national and international reputation and has worked on many athletes, including professional athletes such as Kurt Thomas of the NBA.   He credits Susan with saving his career. I won’t go into what it is she does but she has a unique method of not only treating soft tissue injuries, but also treating the whole body and many different conditions. Her patients often get relief after just one session, as I did. If you’d like to contact Susan her office phone number is (417) 889-4800 and her e-mail address is susan@advantagetherapyonline.com. I highly recommend her! You might want to check her out at www.youtube.com/ssgrimshaw.

I firmly believe that when you’re happy, and your life is in harmony, you will create positive events in your life on and off the field of competition. And such is the case with Cleveland Cavalier’s new head coach David Blatt. I don’t believe it was a coincidence that soon after he accepted the position of head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the number one basketball player on the planet, LeBron James, rejoined the team. Based on the theory of quantum mechanics, many consciousness physicists believe our mind creates our own success and our own reality. And though I’m not a consciousness physicist, I do believe there’s an excellent possibility that the Cavaliers will win the 2014-2015 NBA Championship, even though it will be  coach Blatt’s first year as an NBA head coach.

I’ve followed Phil Jackson’s career for many years and have read his books.  I’ve even studied Buddhism, especially since my daughter spent seven years in a Buddhist monastery in Kyoto, Japan.  Here’s why Phil Jackson will be successful:  First and foremost, he encourages honest communication among his players.  Team meetings are often held (with and without a coach present) allowing his players to vent their feelings in a controlled environment. Second, he doesn’t over-coach his players, encouraging them to use their God-given talents, especially during the final three or four minutes of a game.  Third, he is a highly spiritual person, having learned from Native Americans  while growing up in Montana.  And finally, his players always know he cares about them as human beings first, and then as athletic performers. Coaches who combine these four principles are destined to win. And you can be sure, the head coach he selects will implement them.

All American Guard Marcus Smart was suspended three games this past Sunday for shoving a fan in the closing seconds of the Cowboys’ loss at Texas Tech on Saturday night. The NBA prospect in a public statement said he let his emotions get the best of him and his coach chalked it up to Marcus putting a lot of pressure on himself.  But the real cause could well have been something that coaches believe is sissy stuff.  That is, finding out what was going on in Marcus’ personal life the night before the game.  According to news reports, when the Cowboys played West Virginia, and he scored only four points, he kicked a chair on the bench.  And if my theory is correct, Marcus could well be having what many of America’s male NCAA athletes suffer from: “a girlfriend problem”- which, as we all know, has nothing to do with the game of basketball.  Assuming I’m right, Marcus has to clear everything with his girlfriend, resolve whatever issue or issues they may be having, and get back to his old self.  He needs to understand how important it is not to get angry during athletic competition because when athletes get angry, they give away their power.

It’s no small wonder that more professional athletes, like Aaron Hernandez, aren’t getting into trouble when you consider their background. For most of them, it all starts when they’re about 8 years old and show exceptional talent in their sport. They are fawned over by parents and fans and as they get older, coaches and others are quick to cover for them. Before long, they begin to develop a sense of entitlement and begin to believe they can do no wrong, seldom being held responsible for their actions. And many of them have anger issues, which when combined with a sense of entitlement, can be explosive and dangerous. As was the case with Hernandez. Some come from loving, nurturing home environments and they are the athletes who seldom get into trouble because of how they feel about themselves. But there are many who need help, and help could be made available to them if general managers and team owners weren’t so locked into their beliefs regarding the creation of internal support groups. Many GMs and front office executives consider support groups “sissy stuff” and believe if you pay an athlete enough money he (or she) should be able to take care of their own problems. One-on-one counseling isn’t the answer because there’s such a stigma attached to a player seeing a “team schrink.” But when team members share their personal problems and issues with their buddies, in a controlled environment, amazing things take place, including good team chemistry and team bonding…something money can’t buy.

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