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Here’s a copy of an article that appeared in this morning’s Springfield News-Leader Newspaper (June 18, 2013):

Headline: Missouri linebacker dismissed from team.

Body Copy: COLUMBIA – A backup Missouri linebacker arrested during the 2012 season on drug charges has been dismissed from the team. Team spokesman Chad Moller says redshirt freshman linebacker Torey Boozer is no longer a member of the Tigers. He declined further comment. Boozer was arrested in October on marijuana possession charges along with classmates Dorial Green-Beckham and Levi Copelin after the three teammates were reportedly smoking
pot in a campus parking lot near Memorial Stadium. Boozer later pleased guilty to second-degree trespassing, as did his two teammates, who remain on the squad.

Wow! Am I missing something here? How often do we hear coaches harping about how important team chemistry is and yet here is a perfect example of how to tear a team apart internally. It probably goes without saying that the two players allowed to remain on the team were much better talent-wise than Torey Boozer but that’s beside the point. Either you kick all three of them off the team or you kick no one off the team. Head Coach Pinkel must feel that Torey Boozer does not have many buddies on the team which is very stupid thinking. And will those teammates of his be angry that Torey was dismissed and the other two weren’t? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on behind the scenes. Unless Coach Pinkel and his staff get this straightened out, I don’t look for them to have a very good season. If I had to choose between two teams, one with excellent talent and very little team chemistry, and the other with moderate talent but excellent team chemistry, I’ll take the latter every time.

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