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She finally did it. She was finally successful in breaking up Tiger’s relationship with Lindsey Vonn whom she was insanely jealous of. And how did she do it? By using her children as pawns. By poisoning their minds against Lindsey which made life unbearable for Tiger. But what his Ex doesn’t get is that it’s bad for the children to be programmed to hate Tiger’s girlfriends. She’s doing irreparable damage to them. And as for Tiger? As soon as he finds a new girlfriend, someone who fits the mold of being a beautiful, intelligent statuesque blond, he’ll get back to his old form of winning tournaments. So in that respect his Ex did him a favor.


If my theory is correct, that athletes perform close to their skill levels when they are happy and have powerful positive beliefs, then Adam Scott should win the 2015 Masters. He’s newly married and became a father in February; he has a new caddie; and he’s going back to a broomstick putter which he used when winning in 2013   All of this, of course, is predicated on the assumption that he has the talent to win, which he does since he’s won the Masters before. How will Tiger do? It depends on whether or not he’s straightened out his problems with his ex-wife. I should point out that the assumption he’s having problems with his ex-wife is strictly an assumption on my part. But one good sign is that Tiger’s significant other, Lindsey Vonn, won the World Cup Downhill title last month so that’s an indication she and Tiger are getting along well. Because if Tiger is having problems with his ex, it would more than likely affect their relationship and show up in her performance. POST MASTERS COMMENT: Sorry, I goofed.  There must be something going on in Adam’s personal life that I’m unaware of…

What takes place away from the golf course affects what takes place on the golf course.  Two good examples are Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.  In the case of Mickelson, he’s being investigated by the federal government for alleged insider trading in the stock market and if found guilty could serve time in prison.  But even worse, the stress he’s experiencing could already be affecting his health since it was reported that he is “battling the lingering effects of strep throat” and a case of strep throat could easily be an advance indication of something more serious, such as cancer. The R.A. Bloch Cancer Support Center in Kansas City, Missouri, has conducted past research that indicates that stress produces hormones in a person’s body that impairs their immune system, and cancer cells in their body begin to multiply at a rate faster than their immune system can devour them. (This is called the Surveillance Mechanism Theory that was discovered by the late Dr. Carl Simonton.)  Note: Since writing this entry, Mickelson’s game has improved considerably so it’s possible (and I’m only saying possible) that he received good news from his attorneys assuring him that he would not serve any time in jail.  But this is only conjecture on my part.

In the case of Tiger Woods, his problems aren’t nearly as severe since, according to press reports, he is battling an ex-wife who is reportedly insanely jealous of his relationship with Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn and she could be using his children to get back at him.  In divorce cases, when there is on-going anger and jealousy, the children are often used as pawns.  Tiger has two choices:  He can file with the courts to gain sole custody of his children (something that is unlikely to happen) or he will have to wait until his children are old enough to express their desire, to a judge, that they want to live with their father.  That could take quite some time since the children have to be of a specific age, which was the case with Tom Watson when he remarried.  Watson married a woman, also named Watson (who was the wife of another PGA golfer) who had abandoned her two young children to marry him.  Her unhappiness weighed heavily on their marriage.  After a number of years of mediocre golf (for him) the children finally reached the age where they could decide which parent they wanted to live with and his wife was awarded custody.  I assume her children are now living with them which would explain his improved performance.

Tiger Woods announced today he will miss the Masters for the first time since 1995 when he first entered it as an amateur. Seems he had a pinched nerve repaired. And already the “boo-birds” are out saying his career is over. But those birds don’t know much about back operations. When it comes to back operations, repairing a pinched nerve is like falling off a log (assuming it’s true) compared to the fusing of discs. Now THAT is major back surgery. Take it from one who knows. I’ve had four back operations but it was the last one (fusing five discs in a 6-hour operation) that did me in. I’m still able to get around okay but I had to kiss my days playing handball and jogging – goodbye. Thank goodness Tigers’ problems aren’t nearly as severe as mine, or anyone else who has had major back surgery.

Tiger says he’s still eyeing those records held by Jack Nicholas for most championships won (18) and Sam Snead for most PGA Tour Titles won (82). And I predict he will eventually break both of them. The only thing that could keep him from doing this does involve his back. And his ex-wife (keeping her off of it.) Ex-wives can be quite vindictive, especially when their ex-husband is dating a beautiful Olympic Skier.  And they’ve been known to use their children as negotiating weapons.

I just finished reading an excellent article in USA Today by Steve DiMeglio and it was filled with information about Tiger starting his 19th season on the PGA Tour, but nowhere was there any mention of why he hasn’t won a major since 2008.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Tiger did not play well while he was having those extra-marital affairs in 2008 until November, 2009, when the National Enquirer published a story about his personal life.  Soon after, in 2010, he and his then-wife, Elin Nordegren, divorced and she received custody of their two small children. As anyone who has ever been through a divorce knows, when there are small children involved, it doesn’t end the relationship but merely transforms it.

It’s been said that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” so one can only imagine what went through Tiger’s ex-wife’s mind when she read in the media that Tiger was dating beautiful Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn. I’ve heard (and I don’t know this to be true) that she hates Vonn and if so, it would explain why Tiger’s ex may be harassing him. So my theory is that there’s a good possibility that Elin has been doing everything possible to make Tiger’s life miserable.  Is it any wonder that he hasn’t won a major since 2008?  And by the way, I’ve never heard of a divorce taking place where there was not enough blame to go around on both sides, and yet I have never heard or read anything negative about Elin in the media.  I’m sure Tiger has been instrumental in making this happen since he knows that if anything negative appeared in the media it would, in the long run, affect his children.

So what can Tiger do, if anything, to reduce the amount of stress he is receiving from his Ex? (assuming I’m correct.)  For starters, I would get two cell phones.  One for his personal and business related calls (which Elin would not have access to) and the other strictly for Elin, which he would turn off before teeing off in the opening round and keep it off for the entire tournament.

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