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Roger Clemens is a good example of how the Psycho Self-Imagery process works. By way of background, I once read in the media that he often purposely threw at a batter’s head in order to intimidate him and thus affect his ability to hit a baseball. And since that time, I’ve never been a fan of his. Over the years, Roger has been his own worst enemy. When athletes have extra-marital affairs, when they are doing drugs, when they are dishonest and lie to a congressional committee, when they repress their feelings resulting in low feelings of self-worth, and when their lives are in disharmony, they will actually create negative events in their lives, on and off the field of competition. And Roger Clemens is the perfect example. Instead of heading for the Hall of Fame, he could be heading for prison.


Immediately after Tiger Woods’ personal life was made public, Eddie George, former running back for the Tennessee Titans, was asked on television if he thought there were many NFL players who were also having extra-marital affairs and he sheepishly nodded yes. When asked what percentage, he said: “Ninety percent.” If this is true, and there’s no reason to believe it isn’t, then I can assure you that 90% of all NFL players are not performing anywhere near their skill levels. Here’s why: when an NFL athlete is withholding regarding his personal life, it’s a form of lying that demeans him and lowers his self-esteem. When his self-esteem is lowered, he takes fewer risks in interpersonal relationships and creates psychological baggage for himself that affects his ability to focus and process information. This lack of focusing shows up in dropped passes, missed blocks, fumbles, interceptions and other mental errors during competition. If I were working with an NFL team, I would recommend to the head coach that he give his players 90 days to straighten out their lives. And if they didn’t, they would be suspended without pay until they did. Many team owners believe that if you pay an athlete enough money, he will perform up to his ability. Not true. Athletes are human beings just like the rest of us mortals. When their lives are in disharmony, and they are lying, it absolutely affects their performance, no matter how much money they are being paid.

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