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This is the second time it has happened. When Tiger was married to Elin, she prepared some noodles for him and seasoned them with Accent or some other type of seasoning that is essentially MSG. The result? Tiger sweated profusely and vomited on the course during a tournament. And now here it is again. This time at the Hero World Challenge and though he’s no longer married his reaction to a food allergy was the same. MSG is a food additive and flavor enhancer and the reason I know so much about it is that for many years I had the same reactions Tiger is having now. But when I finally figured it out, thirteen years had passed. A rocket scientist I’m not. What is confusing about MSG is that most people believe you can only get it in Asian cooking but MSG is also used to enhance the flavor of gravies used on meats and other non-Asian foods. And some restaurants offering salad bars soak their lettuce in it to keep it from turning brown.  After playing through his allergic reaction (which I’m assuming it was) he said: “It wasn’t easy. I fought hard. It’s all I had.” A reaction to MSG is often misdiagnosed as a flu symptom, but it’s not. And for Tiger to have shot a 3-under-par 69 and to be even after 54 holes while suffering from “MSG food poisoning” is an amazing achievement.

Post Masters Entry: Tiger didn’t win and from my perspective it’s a sure sign that he has yet to make up with his wife, Elin.  In fact, according to some reports, Tiger and Elin will soon be filing for divorce, which, if true, will be good for Tiger and his game, assuming he is awarded liberal visiting privileges with his children.

Original Entry:

Will Tiger Woods win the Masters?  This is not such an easy question to answer since there are many factors to consider.  First, based on past history, those athletes who have undergone extensive psychotherapy have elevated their game to a new level. For example, NFL quarterback Vinny Testaverde was ordered to undergo counseling therapy by the judge as part of his divorce settlement when he first signed with Tampa Bay right out of college, and it did wonders for his game.  Second, if Tiger has definitely made up with his wife, and their lives are in harmony, he will win big.  But if he and his wife have not made up, it’s still possible he will win since he has such a huge reservoir of talent.  A good example is Mickey Mantle.  After he retired and just prior to his death, Mantle observed that had he known he was going to live as long as he did, he would have taken better care of himself.  We can only imagine what levels his game would have reached had he had a physical training program similar to Tigers.  And so, the question is: Will Tiger win the Masters?  I think there’s a good possibility he will.  I believe he will start slowly but will pick up steam and be in a position to win come Sunday.  But if he doesn’t win and plays poorly, that’s a sure sign that his life is still in disharmony and that even though he’s undergone therapy, until he makes up with his wife and his life is in harmony, he will not perform well.  And if he continues to not perform well on the course, a divorce settlement with liberal visiting privileges for him with his children can’t be far behind.  And that’s when his game should definitely take a turn for the better because what takes place off the golf course affects what takes place on the golf course.

Contrary to most media reports, Tiger Woods is not a Buddhist. His mother, however, is. Though Tiger is “steeped in the ways of Buddhism,” he is not a practicing Buddhist. In an interview I conducted a few years ago with John Anselmo, Woods’ 83-year old amateur coach who began working with Tiger when he was 10 years old, he told me it was Tigers’ mother, Kutilda, who first brought her son to him for instruction. And because his mother was originally from Thailand and was a practicing Buddhist, the young golfer had been steeped in the ways of Buddhism. Anselmo told me that he noticed immediately that Tiger had a sense of calmness about him and he attributed that quality to his having been reared in a Buddhist environment at home. He also told me that he believed that for Tiger, Buddhism was more of a way of life than a religion and that Tigers’ daily practice of meditation and the fact he was, at the time, leading a righteous life, had a tremendous influence on his mind. Unfortunately, like so many other professional athletes, Tiger has gone astray. But hopefully, after his ordeal with his soon-to-be-ex wife Elin is over, he will get his life back in order. Everyone deserves a second chance. And as for Elin, she has changed her residency to California which is a “community property” state where assets and net worth are split equally in divorce settlements. Sounds somewhat calculating to me.

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