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There’s no question about it. LeBron James is in charge of the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s true, Tyronn Lue is the titular head coach, but LeBron is in charge. When he wanted former head coach David Blatt fired, David Blatt was fired. Even though the Cavs had a winning record at the time. Fast forward to the current playoffs. LeBron doesn’t believe the Cavs should rely on the 3-point shot. J. R. Smith, one of the best 3-point shooters in the NBA, disagrees. So the question is, does J. R. resent LeBron calling the shots even though Lue is head coach. All you have to do is look at his performance when the Cavs lost games 3 and 4 and he went 10-for-28. That’s how it works. When an NBA athlete is teed off at a teammate and doesn’t say anything, it affects his focus. In counseling circles, it’s called “baggage.” But it’s possible that J. R. and LeBron have since made up and resolved the issue, and LeBron has given J. R. permission to shoot away. And if yes, it will show up, not only in J. R.’s performance but will have a positive effect on the entire team’s performance.

Hey LeBron! You are a great athlete and a great basketball player. Probably one of the greatest basketball players of all time.  But I think you’re trying to do too much. Just think what the score in game five might have been if, when you were driving toward the basket with two or three guys hanging all over you, you suddenly flipped the ball out to the perimeter and one of the your three-point shooters took an easy three-point shot.  I hope when the team returns to Cleveland and plays game six that you’ll begin to allow your teammates to get more involved in the game. You have some great teammates. Some great 3-point shooters and it’s a shame not to let them use their talent.  And if you do that then, in my opinion, you will not only win Game Six but will more than likely win the NBA Championship as well.

I firmly believe that when you’re happy, and your life is in harmony, you will create positive events in your life on and off the field of competition. And such is the case with Cleveland Cavalier’s new head coach David Blatt. I don’t believe it was a coincidence that soon after he accepted the position of head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the number one basketball player on the planet, LeBron James, rejoined the team. Based on the theory of quantum mechanics, many consciousness physicists believe our mind creates our own success and our own reality. And though I’m not a consciousness physicist, I do believe there’s an excellent possibility that the Cavaliers will win the 2014-2015 NBA Championship, even though it will be  coach Blatt’s first year as an NBA head coach.

What takes place off the basketball court affects what takes place on the basketball court. I recently came across a report that appeared on Dante West’s website and as of this writing, not a whole lot has been mentioned about it in the media. If true, it would certainly explain Lebron James’ sub-par performance immediately after game four with the Celtics. Here’s what Dante West wrote:  “Gloria James, LeBron James’ mom reportedly sleeping with one of LeBron’s teammates and friend, Delonte West. Reports say that LeBron found out about the affair prior to the Celtics’ Game Four match-up against the Boston Celtics in their recently concluded playoff series. LeBron James’ suddenly diminished play from Game 4 on was the result of his being upset about the relationship between his mother and his teammate. Delonte West has had a number of off the court issues in the past; his lifestyle has hardly been beyond reproach. For LeBron James, who has led a seemingly scandal free existence, that fact would likely be particularly difficult to take.”

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