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Mind Over Sports, available in book form, is for coaches, parents and athletes. The higher your self-esteem, the more your life is in harmony (and you are unencumbered with psychological baggage) the closer you will perform to your skill level on a consistent basis. This book is based, not only on Marv’s newspaper columns, but also material gathered from Self-Esteem Building and Positive Visualization Workshops and Seminars he has conducted with athletes and sports teams, including Olympic Gold Medalists, an NFL Football team, NCAA Division I Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball and Softball teams, and PGA Golfers.

mike_singletaryMarv Fremerman seems to have found what many refuse to acknowledge. That is, there is a substantial correlation between an athlete’s emotional health and physical performance. As a former NFL player and current NFL coach, I have found that the bonds within athletics go much deeper when there is trust and vulnerability. Hopefully, the information contained within these pages will help all of us understand athletic performers in a new way.

– Mike Singletary, NFL Coach


I appreciated the session I had with Marv and I did use some of the things he taught me. I used the visualization technique before my fights and found it to be beneficial and relaxing. Also, the idea that one cannot perform with guilt standing in the way. I have made it a practice ever since his session to deal with any issues that cause guilt before my fights. I agree that this must be done in order for me to do my best, and it was a necessary part of my preparation.

– Tommy Morrison, Former World Boxing Champion

A must program for any soccer coach or player. A valuable concept in developing player-coach relationships and team building. If you think winning is all about teaching techniques and tactics, think again and read Marv’s book.

– Jim Sheldon, Former Executive Director, NSCAA

My Olympic-caliber athletes have benefited from Marv’s one-on-one and group unloading sessions. His process seems to clear their heads and allows them to focus on important academic and athletic issues.

– Tom Jones, Former Head Women’s Track Coach, Arizona State University

I am writing to inform you of some outstanding work that Marv Fremerman did for Scottsdale Community College. I have been the Head Football Coach at SCC for six years and in the coaching profession for eleven years. Team motivation and cohesiveness are the two most important factors fore a successful team. Both of these areas are of extreme importance to me and are almost sacred ground, areas that coaches seldom let an “outsider” become involved with. In the fall of 1988 Mr., Fremerman convinced me to let him put my football team through a “positive visualization seminar.” I learned more about motivating and uniting people in a positive manner in that two hour seminar than I had in eleven years of college coaching. The ideas that Mr. Fremerman shared with us and the visualization tactics are still being used with my team today. I can recommend Marv Fremerman’s program without any reservation.

– Shane Bates, Former Head Coach at Scottsdale Community College

As a basketball player at the University of Missouri – Columbia, I participated along with my teammates in Marv’s program. Specifically, it showed us how to keep externalities and personal problems from affecting our performance on the basketball court. It allowed each of us as individuals to become more focused on things that were important to us while bringing us more together as a team. I highly recommend his program to people of all ages and careers. The principles upon which it is based continue to help me in my everyday life as an attorney. By addressing and dispensing with problems rather than ignoring them I can direct my energies to more positive endeavors.

– Devon A. Rolf, Basketball Player, University of Missouri


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