Mind Over Sports


Posted on: May 25, 2015

Just as some athletes are able to put themselves into a “zone” I believe we are all capable of achieving a similar goal; but in order to do so, we must possess a high sense of self-worth and follow paths in our lives that are not self-destructive.

Athletes who have experienced “the zone” will tell how suddenly everything seemed to appear in slow motion and they found themselves in what many describe as being on “automatic pilot” where everything flowed effortlessly. This is what I call a “Deep Zone.” But there’s also a “Surface Zone.”

I believe non-athletes can achieve the Surface Zone but in order to do so they must be leading a righteous life, their lives must be in harmony, they must have a strong belief in a higher power, they must not withhold their feelings and emotions, they must not engage in any kind of self-destructive behavior such as substance or alcohol abuse, and they must be loving, caring individuals with a high sense of inner-self.

When they achieve this state, the Psycho Self-Imagery process will take over and events will follow a flow, with positive “things” beginning to happen in their lives.


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