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Posted on: March 24, 2015

Allie Alvstad, one of the Missouri State University Bears softball players here in Springfield, was recently diagnosed with leukemia and tonight she is being honored by a “Rally for Allie” at the Missouri State University Men’s baseball game. The softball team will be in attendance to sell orange wristbands and t-shirts, while the baseball Bears will wear orange sweatbands and shoelaces to support the “cause.”

I may be wrong but I believe a hundred years from now the health industry will be saying I was right when I point out that this is exactly the opposite of what everyone should be doing if they really want to help Allie. What they’re saying is “poor Allie, we feel sorry for her because there’s a good possibility she might die” (a negative expectation) but what they should be saying is “Hey Allie! No big Deal! Forget about the cancer! Your problem is that you have an impaired immune system allowing the cancer cells in your body to reproduce faster than they can be devoured. That’s why we’re going to focus on your immune system. When you get your immune system fixed the leukemia will disappear.”

And what causes the immune system to become impaired? STRESS!! So if she joins a support group (which should be supplemental to what her doctor prescribes) and talks about what is causing her stress with others in the group, that’s the first step toward getting well. But having a pity party for her is exactly the opposite of what everyone should be doing. It only empowers the illness and re-enforces the negative belief everyone has about the illness. If I had my way, the word “cancer” would be eradicated from the English language.


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