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Posted on: December 21, 2011

When USA Today Columnists Tom Weir and Reid Cherner wrote about Kobe Bryant’s pending divorce (“Ringing in the season with Kobe”) and other celebrity divorces, what they don’t realize is that divorce represents a major “unresolved issue” in an athlete’s life and once that issue is resolved, and their life is back in harmony, their performance in their sport is generally elevated to a new level. Example: When the divorce of former New York Mets first basement Keith Hernandez became final on a Monday, in his next seven at-bats he hit three home runs and drove in nine. “Maybe I should get divorced every day,” he said. “I’d be broke, but I’d be in the Hall of Fame.” Daily divorce may be unnecessary, but Hernandez obviously needed to shift his focus from marital strife to baseball. And now that Tiger Woods is divorced, it appears that he’s finally getting his life in order, especially issues regarding his children. When there are children involved, divorce doesn’t end your relationship with your ex-wife, it merely transforms it. Once Tiger and his ex agree what schools the children will attend, how and when he will be able to visit them, and a myriad of other issues, his game will then be elevated to a new level. And when he finds another girlfriend, and he’s happy and his life is in harmony, he will enter a new phase in his life and you will see an even more successful Tiger Woods. He will start winning tournaments like mad. And judging from his recent performance, it’s possible that phase has already begun.



The thing about it is, she knew when the “issues” happened in Colorado, that it was a matter of time before something else happened. Instead of getting a huge ring, this time she is getting a fat paycheck and half of everything Kobe!

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