Mind Over Sports

Psycho Self-Imagery and The Old Testament.

Posted on: July 12, 2009

Not being a biblical scholar, I was surprised to read where some of my ideas regarding performance enhancement also appear in the Old Testament.

In his excellent book, “A Gathering of Angels,” Rabbi Morris Margolies wrote:  “My first schoolteacher provided his eight-year-old student with a commentary that I remember to this day.  He compared us to innocents in the Garden of Eden…but he warned us that after we became adults under Jewish law, every one of our sins would create a devil or demon who would hound us at every turn.  The serpents who would frighten us would be serpents of our own making, and they would poison our lives.  On the other hand, he insisted that each of our good deeds would create a guardian angel at our sides to take us through fires and storms and sickness and heartache.  The more good deeds, the more guardian angels.  He was teaching us, at a very early age, that we create our own company, a very sophisticated lesson that has held up well over these many years of thought I’ve given the subject.”

The Rabbi went on to write the following:  “Within every human there are two angels: the Angel of Light and the Angel of Darkness.  The one tends to promote all that is good; the other, all that is evil.  Every human deed strengthens the hand of one angel or the other.  So personal salvation is something that can be won or lost by the works of the individual…the individual chooses his actions.” 

My Psycho Self-Imagery process is in harmony with the good Rabbi’s teachings:  When individuals take action and begin resolving conflict in their lives, when they do not suppress or withhold their feelings, when they bring (or begin the process of bringing) personal issues to completion, when they are highly spiritual, when they are helping others less fortunate than themselves and when their lives are in harmony, they will create positive events in their lives. 

But when they have conflict in their lives, when they are suppressing their feelings, when they have personal issues that haven’t been brought to completion and are allowed to hover above them like a dark cloud, when they are not helping others less fortunate than themselves, when they are not spiritual, and when their lives are in disharmony, they will create negative events in their lives.


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