Mind Over Sports

How T.O. helped the Cowboys beat the Giants

Posted on: December 16, 2008

terrell-owensThere are many who believe T.O. is a cancer on any team he plays for. But from my perspective, he actually was responsible for the Cowboys success against the New York Giants. He did this by verbalizing a problem that existed and bringing it out into the open.

I don’t know much about T.O.’s upbringing, but I will bet anything that he was reared by a loving grandmother (or other family member) who provided him with unconditional love. And it was this love that laid the foundation for his high self-esteem. People, such as T.O. , who have a high sense of self worth speak their minds. They don’t bottle up their feelings. And by bringing the issue of perceived preferential treatment to the surface, he opened the door for a healthy discussion behind closed doors between himself, the coach and the other players involved. By talking openly about this perceived problem, they were able to address it, move off it and then focus on the game. The results showed up in the score. (I had predicted they would win.) Had T.O. not brought the issue out into the open, the Cowboys would have surely lost. And T.O. would have played one of his worst games. When athletes withhold their feelings, it’s a form of lying that demeans them and lowers their self-esteem. As their self-esteem is lowered they take fewer risks in interpersonal relationships and create psychological baggage for themselves that affects their ability to focus and process information. These are the same athletes who drop passes that hit them in the numbers, fumble the ball multiple times, and even throw multiple interceptions. Which is why I’m a big believer in weekly team meetings. And by the way, immediately after the Cowboys victory over the Giants, the following Monday to be exact, T.O. celebrated his birthday with a Birthday Bash to generate funds for one of his favorite charities. And guess who didn’t show up? Tony Romo and Jason Witten. No wonder there was bad chemistry, and it was created by Romo and Witten, not T.O.


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