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Other things that can damage cells

Posted on: March 12, 2008

1. Cellular Phones. Some research is finding that radio frequencies producing high radiation levels may damage cells, causing them to become cancerous. Cellular phone research should not be focused on those individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer, but rather on the number of cells in an individual’s body that have been damaged by radiation and become cancerous, but as yet, have remained undetected.

2. Overhead Power Lines. The National Association for the Advancement of Science, at an annual session discussing “Do Power Lines Cause Cancer?” concluded that weak magnetic fields created by electric power lines, home wiring, and household appliances may be harmful to human health.

3. Electric blankets.

4. Microwave ovens.

5. Underground Waste Deposits.

6. Animal Fat from grease. During the U.S. Supreme Court?s hearing of a Massachusetts law that restricted the advertising of cigarettes near schools and parks, Justice Clarence Thomas stunned spectators by asking a question of acting U.S. Solicitor General Barbara Underwood, who was representing the federal government, which was siding with the state of Massachusetts. Thomas asked Underwood to “assume that it can be demonstrated that eating regularly at fast food joints, including McDonald’s, causes health problems throughout life for kids,” and then asked her what the rationale would be for restricting advertising by McDonald’s. Underwood rejected the comparison, saying that cigarettes posed “a health danger of unparalleled magnitude.” But?does it?

7. Ultraviolet rays from the sun.

8. Exhaust fumes from heavy duty equipment.

A study by the National Cancer Institute shows that farmers who use pesticides to control insects face increased risks of several forms of cancer. However, the study does not measure the degree of stress experienced by those farmers who became ill.

New research indicates a “molecular communication” between the nervous system (the seat of memory, thought and emotion), the endocrine system (which secretes powerful hormones), and the immune system (which defends the body from microbial invasions).

Elizabeth Rosenthal, a research journalist, wrote an article for the New York Times in which she stated:

Unusual cancer patterns among transplant patients are providing startling insights into the body’s immunity against cancer. To prevent rejection of the transplanted organ, these patients must take drugs that suppress the immune system. The immune system can be recharged, however, by reducing the medication and tumors sometimes vanish when that is done. Such cases have provided the first practical way to observe the immune system fighting cancer. Observing these patients, researchers have concluded that the healthy immune system can destroy early tumors and probably is routinely fighting cancerous cells.

Conversely, research is beginning to show that people with an impaired immune system are more vulnerable to cancer. Many of them suffer from deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy.
Now, returning to our case histories, let us assume both Roger and Tim had similar diets that included meats, fried foods, starches, vegetables and some sugars. As mentioned before, according to the surveillance mechanism theory, healthy cells are damaged — and in this case let us assume it was because of animal fat in the diet. The fat attaches itself to the cells, cutting off the oxygen supply. Normally, a strong immune system would constantly “gobble up” the malignant cells, keeping them from spreading throughout the body. But when the body encounters stress, it produces hormones that suppresses the immune system, and allows the damaged cells to multiply faster than the immune system is able to consume them. According to an article that appeared in Newsweek Magazine: ?Research has shown that chronic stress causes the adrenal gland to pump increased amounts of corticosteroids into the bloodstream, and these chemical messengers can inhibit immune action.? While Tim’s immune system continued to be healthy and strong, Roger’s was likely suppressed by the stress he experienced with his bankruptcy issue.

This process may be a significant reason African-Americans have such a high cancer rate. They have unhealthy diets (many fried foods) and experience massive stress, both socially and economically. Their death rate from cancer is twice that of their white counterparts.

There are those who maintain the proper response is merely a matter of educating blacks about nutrition. But it’s more than that. The problem is economics. To prepare and eat healthy foods is more expensive. Compare the cost of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit and fish to hamburgers or fried food when you feed a family with an income below the poverty level.


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