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Tiger Woods’ new Tiger cub: Update

Posted on: June 22, 2007

tiger-erin-woodsThere’s an old Yiddish proverb that says: “With each newborn child comes luck.” So based on this proverb, now that Sam Alexis, Tiger Woods’ new baby girl, has arrived on the scene, he and wife Elin can expect good things to happen in their lives. However, I really don’t believe it will be luck that Tiger will be experiencing but rather, he will actually begin to “create” positive events in his life (such as winning more tournaments) because his life, and Elin’s life, will be in harmony. Though I’m not a Consciousness Physicist nor do I know much about Quantum Mechanics, over the years I’ve discovered that when athletes have high self-esteem, when they are highly spiritual, when they are not repressing their feelings, when they are not involved in illegal drugs and other self-destructive behavior, and when their lives are in harmony, they will actually create positive events in their lives because their minds are creating their own reality.

In an article in USA Today, LPGA Hall of Famer Juli Inkster made these comments: “I hate to say it, but I think Tiger’s first kid is going to make him a better player, if that’s possible.” Inkster, winner of seven majors among her 13 LPGA titles, said the majority of her wins came after giving birth to two daughters. “Because of all the things that happen when you have children, he will have to focus his time and concentration even more. That, I think, will make him better…and he’ll want to win for her.”

Tiger’s desire to win for his daughter can certainly have a powerful positive effect on his golf performance (it’s what I often refer to as “Excelling For a Higher Order.”) But, in my opinion, that won’t be the primary reason he’ll be elevating his game to a new level, even though he’s already the best golfer on the planet. It really has more to do with the power of the mind. And the fact that Tiger is steeped in Buddhism is another advantage he has that allows him to remain calm in the face of adversity and handle stress effectively.

It’s interesting to note how, in many instances, television sports analysts make observations that are way off the mark yet we seldom hear about them. For example, in Johnny Miller’s book “I Call The Shots” published in 2004, Miller maintained at that time that Tiger’s early dominance on the PGA Tour would hurt him and that Woods might have been in his prime at the time the book was released. Miller also wrote that Tiger’s game would be negatively affected by his health, by his family life, and how he reacts to a “slump.” Miller doesn’t talk about his past predictions regarding Tiger’s future. Amazing how the so-called media pundits are quick to play up the times they were right, never mentioning the times they were dead wrong.

So here it is today and I am predicting that Tiger will win most of the tournaments he enters from now until well into the foreseeable future. And when that second Tiger Cub comes along, there’s no telling how good he’ll play. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the first professional golfer to shoot 18 birdies in 18 holes in a major tournament, one of the few mental barriers remaining in the world of sports.

NOTE: The above was posted before Tiger revealed his problems to the general public.  In view of those problems, what I’ve written above will not work until his life is back in harmony, which I do believe will eventually happen.


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