Mind Over Sports

Parenting and The Influence of Professional Athletes

Posted on: September 15, 2006

Some parents often blame professional athletes who have been involved in drugs and alcoholism as a bad influence on their children. But if a child has been reared in a home where there was an abundance of love and nurturing, and has a high sense of self-worth, what a professional athlete does will have absolutely no effect on that child.

But if a child has grown up in a dysfunctional home environment, where there was little love or nurturing or affection, then yes, that child could be adversely affected by an athlete’s behavior.

There are many parents who believe their children have gone astray because they were influenced by some outside force, such as when their child’s peers get involved with drugs, or are consuming massive amounts of alcohol, or, they blame their children’s peers for getting their child involved in a gang. But the fact is, they (the parents) should be placing the blame exactly where it should be placed. And that is: on themselves.

Children who are loved do not do drugs, they do not consume excessive amounts of alcohol, and they do not get involved in gangs. They are children who perform close to their skill levels on a consistent basis in their chosen sport. And they are generally excellent students.


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